About The Band

BHOOMI, the phenomenon was not formed in a day. It is a band which has earned it's right to belong in millions of hearts through a sixteen year journey of perseverance, creative energy, hard work, dedication and periodical sacrifices. Bhoomi is time tested, therefore, here to stay. Bhoomi has overcome all obstacles which have tested it's patience repeatedly through a journey spiced with accolades and achievements.       BEGINNINGSFrom the sparks which ignited a musical dream one lazy monsoon evening in 1997, Bhoomi dared to make the dream come true. Since a full house Gyan Manch auditorium witnessing Bhoomi's maiden concert on July 24th, 1999 the band marches on relentlessly towards it's 1,700th concert. Accepting nature's law of constant changes, the Bhoomi tree has had its share of changes, but the tree is too deep rooted to succumb to any crisis. People's love, admiration and blessings from all over the world have strengthened Bhoomi's roots irreplacebly. We thank each and everyone of you for your prayers which helped Bhoomi blossom.

HIGHLIGHTS : Widely acknowledged as the band which brought recognition to the Bangla Band fraternity, Bhoomi dared to make a difference to the modern sound of Bengali folk music. Blending traditional instruments with western sounds tastefully, the band set a spicy trend in the fiercely competitive world of Bengali music. Success followed and Bhoomi's acheivement list grew longer. The highlight of Bhoomi's acheivements was undoubtedly the spectacular show done at  the United Nations' Headquarters on July 12th, 2006. Bhoomi was the first Indian band to ever do so by the invitation as special guest artistes of the UN Music Appreciation Club. The band enthralled an international audience for over an hour and a half with it's spellbinding performance. An English song, " For a Better Day " was specially composed and performed for the occasion. The song was hence recorded and presented to the UN during their tour in 2007.

Another feather in Bhoomi's memorable cap was a mesmerising concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2008, the first Asian Band to participate there. This concert was acknowledged as "The most popular show of the day" by the local media. 

WORLDWIDE : Besides performing extensively throughout India, Bhoomi has performed to sold out audiences in Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, The United Kingdom, Canada and USA on numerous occasions.

Awards : Bhoomi has recorded 12 best selling albums since the year 2000, and received numerous awards since then. Just to mention a few - Their 2003 album "Pal Chuteche" became SAREGAMA's highest selling album in 2004. Bhoomi was Zee Sangeet's Sera Band in 2011. 

OUR GRATITUDE : Your band Bhoomi would like to thank each and every person who have made it a household name, and the band members who have travelled with the waves of time. The band is grateful to their family members for enduring and encouraging them through their journey so far.

Bhoomi, the people's band wishes to march forward with your blessings in their future musical endeavour and keep on touching your hearts for many years to come. 


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